Spring is officially here! The flowers are blooming and the trees are turning green. Soon, throngs of people will be dipping their toes in the ocean all along our 60 plus miles of gorgeous beaches! NOW is the time to sell or buy real estate in Myrtle Beach! All market predictors show that 2014 will be the most active year since 2006. Job growth, along with housing affordability, are two of the main reasons for the increasing real estate market.

The Myrtle Beach real estate values have increased over 12% in the past year and the market is expected to be even stronger in 2014. Real estate agents are always asked the question, “When is the best time to buy”, the obvious answer to that is…last year. Investors have jumped back into the real estate market due to better returns in the housing market, than the stock market.

Builders’ costs are still low, however, costs are increasing due to supply and demand and rising land values. Large national builders, as well as small local builders, are running out of large tracks of land near the beach to build, and individual lots are demanding much higher prices.

Mortgage rates are still at historically low levels. As the real estate market becomes strong again in 2014, mortgage rates will increase.

The terrible weather in the northern states has led many people to start thinking about moving to the Myrtle Beach area. Buyers getting near retirement have already started buying homes and condo’s to rent out prior to their full time move. Management companies are charging on average 10-12% for their annual management services. Oceanfront Condo management companies will vary on their fee’s between 20-50%.

All the signs are for the Myrtle Beach real estate market to continue increasing. Why wait and pay higher prices next year. You can purchase this spring or summer, take advantage of an excellent opportunity that is supported by economic and demographic data and statistics, and have passive income until you are ready to relocate permanently!